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If you plan on visiting Hawaii, we invite you to join us for the most exciting dolphin tour on the remote west shore of Oahu. This area is well known for having the calmest and clearest waters around the island. It’s perfect for snorkeling and home to both Spinner Dolphins and those mighty winter visitors — Humpback Whales.

Come and swim with the Grays (Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins), on the island of Oahu! Because of our conservational minded approach these dolphins are attracted to us. When all eight to twelve of you drop into the water at the same time it mimics a Pod, which attracts the dolphins. Spinner dolphins naturally find strength and security in numbers so they feel safe when visiting us. Our Pod is here for their Pod, a non-threatening natural approach to assure everyone enjoys these magnificent mammals! Book now and watch a Hawaiian Spinner dolphin jump out of the water, complete up to seven revolutions before making a splash! This is truly a remarkable feat to witness and guarantees a spectacular way to enjoy snorkeling on Oahu.

Swimming with the dolphins is an event that is certain to make your day, if not your entire vacation!

r garber, April 12, 2017

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