Two Tank Dives From Waikiki on Oahu

Book Online NOW!You will be very comfortable diving from a brand new 2016, 46 foot Newton on the south shores of Oahu around Waikiki. This is the newest dive boat you will find in Kewalo Harbor and likely the entire south shore. Snacks are plentiful and always found next to a fully stocked cooler of soda and water. Rental equipment is thoroughly cleaned and newer; to assure a pleasurable fit and experience when enjoying the South Pacific, as only a diver can appreciate. Your pleasure will be accentuated through safe diving ratios that are always set conservatively inside PADI requirements. Discovery Divers, children, new / rusty open water divers, to seasoned veterans will appreciate guidance and support from our Instructors and Dive Masters. All this comes complete with a state of the art sound system and a Head (Bathroom) assuring your time at sea is a complete delight.

2-Tank Dive –Deep Wreck & Shallow Reef dives

Although ocean conditions often determine where we will moor, the Sea Tiger and the YO-257 are fabulous wrecks to explore. Seeing the sights at or around 100 feet / 30 meters is sure to stimulate the adventurer in everyone. Following your wreck dive with a trip to Turtle Canyon, Horseshoe, Kewalo Pipe, or Secrets is the frosting to a fabulous day. At 30 to 50 feet / 10 to 15 meters these reefs are teaming with life and an excellent companion to your wreck dive.

2 Tank – Shallow Reef dives

If you are a beginner diver or a veteran professional, the splendor found at Turtle Canyon, Horseshoe, Kewalo Pipe, or Secrets will calm the soul and excite the explorer. At 30 to 50 feet / 10 to 15 meters you may get rousted by the Sergeant major, protecting its eggs or entranced by the grace of the sea turtles. There is always plenty of beauty to witness that only Hawaii can provide. When you see your first Humuhumunukunukuapua, enjoy knowing this is the state fish of Hawaii. Ask your Dive Master to pronounce it!

2 Tank – Night dives, Shallow Reef Dives

Try Turtle Canyon, Horseshoe, Kewalo Pipe, or Secrets at night for the mystery of darkness will add an entirely new dimension to your Hawaiian experience. Manta Rays are possible, yet Filefish and the Sponge crab are also captivating. With the high intensity flood lights on the boat and everyone’s personal flashlight, all that is nocturnal will be fully illuminated. Your dive into the darkness will create a memory to cherish forever.

2 Tank Dives – Ewe Pinnacles & Nashua Navy Tug

The Ewa Pinnacles where created when the volcanoes of Oahu were active. These lava flows are awesome with incredible overhangs and coral that many reef fish call home. The Nashua is full of marine life as well. White tip reef sharks, sea turtles and eels are often seen meandering about the wreck. The Pinnacles are in 50 to 80 feet / 15 to 24 meters while the Nashua sits in 65 feet / 20 meters of water. Both the beginner and advanced diver will find these two sites a great addition to their log book.

r garber, May 4, 2017

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