More Diving Adventures – Oahu, Hawaii

Book Online NOW!First time diving? Discover what it’s like to breathe underwater! Take your first step into the underwater world with this introductory dive where you’ll learn the basics safety guidelines and dive skills before going on a shallow reef dive with an instructor.

  • First Time Divers
  • All Equipment is Included
  • 2 Dives from the Boat

Certified divers can select either of the following:

Two Shallow Reef dives for a more casual experience.

  • 2 boat dives to Shallow Reefs, 30 – 60 feet deep
  • Perfect for newer divers and those looking for an easier, more casual dive experience
  • Perfect for Photography, these reefs have better natural light and longer bottom times


A Deep Wreck and Shallow dive for experienced divers

  • 2 boat dives, usually to a Wreck followed by a Reef dive
  • Oriented toward more experienced divers
  • Many Different Wrecks to choose from, each with its own history
  • Many Deep Reefs to choose from, including Hawaiian Diving Adventures exclusive spots!

r garber, May 1, 2017

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