Our business brings the adventurer to the adventure.  Your hard earned travel and holiday dollars are comfortably put to use when choosing an AdventureSports.online activity.  Every pursuit available on our website has been carefully vetted to assure your experience will meet expectations, with our goal to exceed them.

We quickly realized that many tour companies are complacent and forget it is the customer we serve.  After excitedly booking a Shark Encounter activity, checking in at the boat 30 minutes prior to the published departure, the unexpected happened.  The tour operator was not ready for passengers and suggested I make use of the facilities, apply sun screen and relax since the departure is a half hour away.  Watching the baby Spotted Eagle Ray swim just 100 yards from the boat was enjoyable but what happened next wasn’t.  Imagine the sadness and dismay to look up and see the charter you are eagerly waiting to board, leaving the harbor 10 minutes early?

These types of stories are more plentiful than the un-expecting tourist needs to encounter and the main reason AdventureSports.online is here for you.  Our firsthand experience assures you are greeted by caring enthusiastic tour operators, holding proper certifications, and running maintained equipment to always assure your safety and enjoyment.

Choose an activity from our site and you will be happy!


Mahalo, for your business!